Pioneer Pie Day 2019

 In Illinois Chapter News

MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF THOSE WITH DISABILITIES – On 12/2 Life Members gathered at Park Lawn Charity for PIONEER PIE DAY! Park Lawn is a non-profit organization located in Oak Lawn that offers a wide variety of programs and services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Sixteen large pies were purchased from Sam’s Club and Baker’s Square donated five sugar-free pies for those who are diabetic. The Pioneers sliced and plated Pumpkin and Apple pies for approximately 100 participants at the Park Lawn Work Center. Pies were also provided for participants at other Park Lawn facilities and for those who reside in their community living homes. In addition to the pies, trays of candy canes and Hershey Kisses were also available. The highlight of the event was when Jim Tabor, Program Manager played his guitar and we all sang Christmas Carols as a group! It was a wonderful and very memorable day and a great time was had by all.

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