Camp Manitoqua Furniture 2018, part 1

 In Illinois Chapter News

Camp Manitoqua in Frankfort was in need of some outdoor furniture and a group of Life Member Pioneer Volunteers gathered on 8/30 to “answer the call.” Six cedar conversation sets and four chairs were assembled and donated to the Camp along with some outdoor sports equipment i.e. soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, etc. from their Wish List. Each piece of cedar furniture was branded with a plate, “DONATED BY AT&T PIONEER VOLUNTEERS.”

In addition to the 2,600 day and overnight campers, over 13,000 retreat and outdoor education guests attend yearly programs at the Camp. Programs are held for children with Cancer and for those who have lost family members to homicide or substance abuse. Students from Chicago Public Schools attend day programs where they are provided with an outdoor education experience that stretches their thinking and builds their teamwork and problem solving skills. Eleven schools districts hold their own programs at the Camp to teach students anti-bullying, anti-drugs and to provide a safe place for them to process through the difficulties of high school. Special education students volunteer at the Camp to help gain work experience and there are programs for Veterans who suffer from post-war trauma to help them transition back to civilian life. The camp is also used by inner-city students for their own summer day camp programs where they are provided with experiences that help them grow stronger individually and as a group.

The Camp Directors and Staff were thrilled with the cedar furniture and sports equipment. Many commented on how the Volunteers paired up, started opening the boxes and went right to work. Camp Manitoqua touches the lives of many and the AT&T Pioneer Volunteers were happy that we had the opportunity to support their efforts. The Cedar furniture will bring some comfort to the campers and guests for many years to come and the sports equipment will be put to good use. WAY TO GO PIONEERS!

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