Camp Manitoqua Furniture 2018, part 2

 In Illinois Chapter News

The AT&T Pioneer Volunteers were back at Camp Manitoqua in Frankfort to seal coat the cedar furniture that was assembled on 8/30. We were a little overwhelmed when we looked at all the furniture that had to be painted but once again, great teamwork was displayed by all the task was completed. Camp Manitoqua made a post on their Facebook page praising the AT&T Pioneers. It reads, “Earlier this summer we participated in a volunteer fair through the FRANKFORT PUBLIC LIBRARY DISTRICT hoping to recruit some people to partner with us in various ways. Never did we think that we would get such a blessing from AT&T Illinois Pioneers. We received quite the donation from these folks and it was a blessing to have them on our grounds putting together these beautiful chairs. The write-up they did about their work was beautiful and we would strongly encourage you to read it. We are deeply thankful for the relationship that was built with these folks!

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