Pioneer Hug-a-Bear 2018

 In Illinois Chapter News

The first Hug-A-Bear rolled off the South Area Life Member Club assembly line in the mid-80’s! While the number of volunteers has greatly dwindled over the years, workshops continue to be held in the Pioneer Work Center in the Oak Lawn C.O. twice a month. When this project was introduced in Illinois, the first step was for the Bears to pass inspection by the Chicago Fire Department. They wanted to assure that the Bears were being made with 100% cotton fabric and that the eyes and noses were properly secured so children could not get them off. The various patterns of fabric and the variety of bows makes each Bear so unique and cute! Over the years, numerous Bears have been provided to local Police/Fire Departments, local hospitals and Nursing Homes. The Bears bring great comfort to children in stressful situations and the Seniors love to cuddle with them too!


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